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Summer may not be here yet. But it’s not too early to think about tuning up your AC units.  Spring is the ideal time to have your AC inspected by your local heating and air conditioning contractor.

Many times, the minor issues may turn major if you don’t resolve them in a good time & manner. Spring is the perfect time for your local HVAC contractor to come out & tune-up your Ac units. Failing to correct minor issues may cost you much more in the near future & may have to wait for contractor days or even a week to have problems taken care due to the high – volume activities during the peak season.

That’s why maintenance agreements can be very useful.

Here are some examples of what may happen with an AC that misses out on regular maintenance or doesn’t receive it at all:

Early replacement: The life expectancy of an air conditioner that has routine maintenance is between 10 to 15 years. The lifespan drops by half if the system doesn’t have maintenance. You don’t want to spend money to replace an AC 5 to 8 years before you should!

Poor performance: The strain that builds up on an air conditioner over only a year is enough to cause a decline in performance. Dirt is also a major problem, creating additional friction on motor parts and slowing down the absorption of heat on the evaporator coil. Expect hot spots in the house and reduced comfort with an unmaintained AC.

Surprise breakdowns: Here’s something you never want to happen: it’s a 90°F day in the summer, and your AC abruptly stops cooling or its fan breaks. You’re trapped with no cooling until you can get emergency repair people to the house. You may even need to replace the whole AC. Maintenance is the best way to avoid this sort of nasty surprise, since technicians catch serious problems early so they can be fixed conveniently.

High electrical bills: A huge chunk of your electrical bills during the summer go to running the compressor and fan of the AC. Without maintenance to clean and tune-up the system, the air conditioner will drain extra power, and you might see your cost to run the AC climb by 25%.

To head off this issue, most contractors offer some type of service/maintenance agreement. Typically, if you have a maintenance agreement with a contractor, they will come out to your home to inspect your system twice-a-year – once before the cooling season (during the spring) and again before the heating season (during the fall). During these appointments, your HVAC contractor will be able to find minor issues with your HVAC equipment before they have the chance to turn into bigger problems.

This can help you save money in the long run. Yes, a service call is going to cost some money, but you can make up this money in efficient performance and a longer system life.

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